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If you are an enthusiast of MG, the classic British sports car manufacturer, then you're in good company. We list by category all the contacts you'll ever need.

Looking to buy a classic MG? Check out our MG Dealers section and see who can deliver the car of your dreams.

Need some help with maintenance? In Main MG Services you'll find the professionals that specialise in MGs.

Missing something? Then don't miss the companies who deal in MG Parts & Accessories, both Specialised and General.

Just after a quick fix? MG Cars For Hire will show you who'll give you the keys to an MG and let you cruise down memory lane.

In MG Resources you'll find websites from around the world, compiled by fans of the great marque, while MG Clubs will give you the contacts you need to meet fellow owners, both in the UK and International.

And with plenty more besides, we have something for fans of the MG everywhere. Feel free to send us any comments or questions you may have. For now, thanks for pulling over, we hope you enjoy the site.


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